Burial Options

The pious custom of Christian burial dates to the experience of Christ himself. After His crucifixion and death on the Cross, Christ was taken down and placed in the arms of His Blessed Mother. 
At great personal risk, Joseph of Arimathea sought and won permission from Pontius Pilate to take the body of Jesus and place it in his own tomb, hewn from rock in a nearby garden.

The great St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome was erected at the foot of Vatican Hill, over the final resting place of St. Peter, prince of the Apostles and our first pope. During the early years of the Church, persecuted Christians in Rome excavated extensive catacombs beneath the earth’s surface in order to give their dead proper burial. The faithful went to great lengths, including payment of high ransoms to executioners, to secure the bodies of the martyrs for Christian burial.

Racine Catholic Cemeteries offers a range of burial options:

Burial decisions are based on a host of personal, spiritual and financial preferences. Our staff will explore all of your options in detail and help you arrive at the best decision for you and your family.

We also offer a wide range of memorial markers, monuments, emblems and vases for graves, crypts and niches.