Mausoleum Entombment

The Gospels tell us that Jesus himself was wrapped in linen and laid in a tomb hewn from rock. A large stone was rolled across the entrance to seal the tomb. We have no greater example of the dignity of the Catholic mausoleum.
Racine Catholic Cemeteries provides mausoleum entombment at Calvary Cemetery and Holy Cross on Highway 32. A variety of crypt configurations are available, including single crypts, companion crypts and deluxe companion crypts. Inside crypts have marble entrance stones, while crypts in the garden mausoleums have stones made of granite. Lettering of the stones is included in the purchase cost, although other memorialization options are available at additional cost. Our staff will outline all of the options and costs for you.


Our mausoleums are constructed of the finest materials and designed for permanence. They have features such as chapels, benches, courtyards, and beautiful landscaping to encourage prayer and reflection. Inside crypt areas are climate controlled for the comfort of visitors in any weather.
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