Memorial & Monuments

We offer a wide range of memorials, monuments, and bronze emblems and vases.

Markers and Monuments

We offer different styles, sizes, colors and finishes for grave markers and monuments.  

Upright Monument – A traditional two-piece memorial, including a lettered granite monument set on a granite base.


Slant Monument – Two-piece memorial with a slant-face marker set on a base.



Bevel Marker – A stone with a beveled face, not set on a base.


Slant Marker – A slant-face stone with no base.



Flush Marker – A stone that lies flat or flush with the grass or ground.



Emblems and Vases for Crypts, Niches

Choose from dozens of hand-crafted bronze accents for crypts and niches, including emblems such as the crucifix, the Head of Christ, praying hands, angels and military insignia. Bronze vases are also available for niches and crypts, with the option of joining our annual flower program. Floral arrangements are placed in Spring, Fall and Christmas.

Photo Ceramics

Photo ceramics allow you to affix a favorite color or black and white photograph, portrait or other artwork to a monument. A digital image is imprinted on ceramic material, protected with no-fade coating and may be placed in a bronze frame for an extra personal touch.

Click HERE To Contact Our Staff for more information on memorialization options. We have information, artwork and sample monuments to help you with your planning decisions.